Annual EFMA Trade Show - June 2018

Each year the Educational Facility Managers Association holds a conference and trade show that allows facility manages to learn, share, and discuss their industry. Suppliers, like us, attend to present the latest services, tools and technologies during the trade show. 

This year Inland was part of a booth featuring Delta Controls partners along with ESC Automation and Kimco Controls. 

EFMA tradeshow 2018.jpg

Demonstration Board

We were very excited for the trade show this year because we had dedicated so much time towards preparing for it. Inland had the task of designing, building and programming our demonstration board.  This involved removing all of the old equipment, prepping the board to be re-covered, designing the new background, layout of equipment and information, getting it printed and applied and then installing and programming all of the equipment. This really was a group effort that involved multiple people from different departments within Inland. We're so proud of the end result!

trade show demo board 2
trade show demo board

Our Demo Board includes:

  • Dimmable LED light bar
  • Motion Detector
  • New O3 Hub Sensor (O3-RHUB) and associated O3 App
  • New O3 Integrated Room Controller (O3-DIN-CPU)
  • enteliTOUCH interface
  • Lighting Controls
  • EZNS (EZNS-T100)
  • Access Card Reader
  • Access Panel
  • Fan (to replicate an air handler supply fan)


Our Graphics department also designed a graphics package that coordinated with the Demo Board and allowed trade show goers to see in real time how the graphics communicate with the equipment. These were displayed on a large TV next to the Demo Board.

The Home page that features a 3D model of the building and general information in the sidebar such as the project, graphics version, release date, recent updates and downloadable PDF documents. 

The HVAC tab shows a room variance overlay on the floor plan to give at-a-glance room temperature information. In the sidebar you can see all of the equipment within the building. You can also click on the rooms to open the associated equipment.

The Lighting tab displays which lights are on or off. When you click on a room you are able to turn that particular light group on or off and see the room occupancy and relay status.

Lastly, the Access tab shows all of the doors on the floor plan with controllers. The alarm status is also displayed by the red/grey state. When the area's alarm is set, it will display as red (like the demo room). The sidebar also displays card users and lists the doors. 

(Note that these screenshots were taken while the board was not online so some data will display as "NULL" or "type here")