Introducing the new Platinum Graphics Package

The Graphics Team at Inland Control & Services have been hard at work over the past few months on a completely transformed graphics package. This new package streamlines navigation through different floors and pieces of equipment and is overall a more modern and clean design. 

All the information you need is easy to find in the simplified sidebar which includes downloadable PDF documents, equipment pages, schedules and calendars, alarms, as well as access and lighting control. The user is able to quickly navigate through floors and easily see the temperature of each room by its colour overlay. 


One new feature that we are excited about is our Alarms page. The user is able to see how many active alarms there are on site by the notification bubble. When clicked on, the user is able to view and manage the alarms through enteliWEB without having to leave the graphics. The schedules and calendars function the same way through enteliWEB which keeps things consistent and easy to navigate for users that are familiar with enteliWEB.

The biggest change from our last graphics package is the equipment pages. Each equipment page is organized by tabs at the top which include Status, History and Help. Additional tabs can be added when needed for larger pieces of equipment (such as Preheat and Supply for a large air handler unit) which makes the equipment pages easily adjustable for all kinds of systems. From the Status tab, the user is able to view all of that system's input and output values. The values are organized into drop-down menus so that the user is able to locate and see the necessary information without having to search through everything. The Help icon is only visible from the Status tab and is an overlay which explains any functions that may be confusing for some users. On the History tab, all important trend logs are displayed. The equipment graphics are smaller and take up less screen space, but are able to be expanded to full size if needed. 

For more information on our past graphics packages, click here. If you would like to contact the Graphics Team with any questions, please email us at or call the office at (250) 563-6886.