Our New Office

Our company has been rapidly growing over the past few years and with that, we've begun to out-grow our current office space. Earlier this year Inland Control & Services purchased the old Yamaha building on the corner of 20th Avenue and Queensway. This was the solution to our problem! This new building would give our office staff more space to work, more personal offices, dedicated space for planning and filing storage as well as a larger shop for our field crew and parts inventory. 

Our plans were to rip everything out and redesign the indoor space to make it ideal for our needs. Renovation plans were made, discussed, revised and improved a number of times with the help of our graphics team. Being able to create a 3D digital mockup of the new floor plan allows us to see the whole picture of what our plans and ideas will look like in reality. In our digital models, we are able to change colours, textures and even add furniture to see how we will navigate the space which has been a great asset during planning. Demolition began in early summer 2017.

As the renovations continue to progress, we've been double checking every little detail. This new building isn't just a new office space for our company, it's also an ideal example of what Inland Control & Services is capable of. We will be integrating and building all of our systems including HVAC, lighting and security access. All of these systems will be controlled through customized graphics designed by our in-house graphics team which will be ideal for giving our clients a hands-on, real-time example of our services.

Below you can view our 3D digital plans and the progression of renovations. We can't wait to compare the finished new building to our digital designs!