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Custom user interfaces.

We strive to create exceptional custom user interfaces for our clients which allow them to monitor and control all of their building's systems

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An important part of our process is to work closely with all of our departments within Inland Control & Services, as well as the client. We rely on engineers, programmers, the field crew and the end user to give us the necessary information to ensure that our graphics are the absolute best they can be. We keep the lines of communication open and reciprocal with every client we work with so that they become part of the team. Together we face challenges head on and utilize all of our strengths to create engaging and effective solutions for our client’s design needs. The product must be useful above all else, with each component designed to bring value to the client and experience.  

While we mainly focus on user interface design at Inland, we have taken on a variety of other projects and specialties including typography, photography, web-design, and branding. Most recently, Inland was presented with an amazing opportunity to donate our time towards a local non-profit organization. We were tasked with designing a new identity and website for the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre. This was an exciting project because we were given full creative freedom. We hope to bring more projects like this to our department in the future.


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Our new demo graphic site is still under construction, but feel free to check out what is there so far. Check back soon for updates, or email us if there is a specific feature of our graphics or enteliWEB you would like to check out.  (

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Inland's staff is doing a tremendously great job working on developing a technology which is rapidly changing. We need to acknowledge this accomplishment and work together for the future of this district. There will always be challenges and change, this is what will make it great. I am really looking forward to showing our staff and managers the changes we have managed to do over such a short period of time.


Barry Bepple

SD57 Energy and Sustainable Conservation Coordinator


Web & Brand Design

Our graphics team's first priority is to design powerful custom building automation user interfaces for a variety of clients. They are also responsible for creating an array of custom company documents and templates, as well as managing and maintaining company social media and online accounts. On top of this, they have also done extensive re-branding for our own company. This included a new logo design, website, colour palette, and more. Recently our graphic's team has expanded into doing some design work for outside companies!


Inland control & services inc.

  • Logo/Branding
  • Website
  • Letterhead/Document templates
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media (set-up & management)

Our logo was re-designed to represent our clients including schools, businesses and residential customers. Once the new brand identity was finalized, we also created our own brand standards guide. We used these new standards to completely redesign the company website. We have also applied these standards across other mediums such as letterheads, stickers clothing and various social media platforms. 

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  • Logo/Branding
  • Website
  • Custom coded site features
  • Brochure
  • Letterhead/Document templates
  • Business Cards

Inland Control was presented with an opportunity to volunteer our time to design a new logo and website for the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre. Our design team was given creative freedom to create a new brand for the centre. During their search they came across an image of the Protea flower. They discovered that this flower stands for change, transformation and courage - which was exactly what the PGSAC helps assault survivours to accomplish. This flower became the new logo and was the inspiration for the design of the Centre's new website