Inland Control Race Team

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This year Inland Control and Services are once again sponsoring #9 race car and driver Lyall McComber. We have been a main sponsor for a number of years now and greatly enjoy being a part of the race team! At the beginning of the season, Inland staff joined the McComber family and friends to get the race car ready for the track. Below are a couple pictures of everyone working on the car, sanding and painting it. The transformation was awesome and the end result was lookin' pretty sharp once we got all of our decals onto the car. 

This season has been pretty awesome. We're lucky enough to have a pretty fantastic driver who brings home plenty of trophies! Below is Lyall McComber holding trophies from August 18th for winning the main two days in a row resulting in a total of 91 points. We also won the invitational. This same weekend he broke the track record with a lap time of 17.506 !! 


UPDATE September 10, 2018:

We couldn't be more proud of the Inland Control Racing Team. With all of their hard work and determination, they are now the 2018 Street Stock Points CHAMPIONS!! These guys killed it this season! We are so happy to have sponsored the #9 team and to have helped them get here. Thank you to the Inland Control Racing Team for all your hard work on the car, and the other #9 sponsors for the support. There are so many people who had a part in #9's success. A special thank you Chad for keeping everyone up to date on the Inland Control Racing Team Facebook page, and of course, thank you Lyall for being one awesome driver! This was such an exciting season, we can't wait for next year. 


To stay up to date on our Race Team, you can check out our Facebook group, Inland Control Race Team. Chad McComber is great at keeping it up to date and posting after each race. You can also take a look at the PGARA Speedway website, for all of the stats and events at the Speedway.

Kelsey Horsnell